El Buli " The Best Restaurant in the world "

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El Buli has now been voted best restaurant in the world an unprecedented three times.

Fernando Adrià Acosta.

El Buli

The man behind the a scene , a chef ? a scientist? I do not know what to call him. I have had the honor to see him first hand creating his 21st Century tapas with his brother Albert Adria.

New cooking techniques developed in the six months the restaurant is closed each year at the el Bulli Taller (lab/workshop) in Barcelona. All i can say to the guests who are lucky to get a reservation is expect the unexpected! The restaurant is open from May to September, reservations starts in mid-October for the next year. Around October 15th

Want to make a reservation??? CLICK HERE!

The tasting menu, which changes every day, unfolds in three acts and thirty-five dishes:

Small snacks: that you eat with your fingers
Larger-sized tapas: to be eaten with a fork and spoon
Desserts like you have never seen before

It is a fast-paced dining roller coaster, with explosive flavors and textural surprises.It can take upto 5 hours to finish the meal. It is an experience that one can never have any where in the world. Well behind the scenes! The kitchen is so quite & perfectly choreographed. It was an experience of a life time to watch this.

hari barcelona

Hari nayak Hari Nayak with Albert Adria of El buli

With Albert Adria

Frozen chocolate

Fozen Chocolate foam

chocolate rock with raspberry powder

chocolate rock with raspberry powder



El Buli is located in Roses on the Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain

Wine list:
€15 – €3,500 (£10 – £2,377)

The tasting menu is €185 (£125)

Top 20 restaurants of the world with the links to thier websites

1. El Bulli (Spain)
2. The Fat Duck (U.K.)
3. Pierre Gagnaire (France)
4. French Laundry (U.S.)
5. Tetsuya’s (Australia)
6. Bras (France)
7. Restaurant Le louis XV (Monaco)
8. Perse ( US)
9. Restaurant Arzak (Spain)
10. Mugaritz (Spain)
11. Can Fabes (Spain)
12. Nobu (U.K.)
13. Gambero Rosso (Italy)
14. Gordon Ramsay Royal Hospital Road (U.K.)
15. Restaurant Alain Ducasse (France)
16. Jean Georges (U.S., New York)
17. Le Cinq (France)
18. Daniel (U.S., New York)
19. Oud Sluis (Netherlands)
20. Chez Panisse (U.S.)

Enjoy & let us know if you have been to any of these restaurants and feel free to post comments on these.

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5 Responses to “El Buli " The Best Restaurant in the world "”

  1. Theresa

    18. Aug, 2007

    This is great , out of the 20 top restaurants i have been to 4 of them, Thanks for the we links chef

    I have never been to El Buli but it would be a dream to eat there some day!!

  2. mark lawrence dekeyser

    03. Jan, 2008

    Hi sir im mark D. from Belgium,i’ve studied hotelschool and know i work in a restaurant!I’ve seen some prepatation of you and i’m verry imprest!I would like to learn more and see more so i can become one day a good Chef.

  3. mark lawrence dekeyser

    03. Jan, 2008

    Hope one day i could work at el buli

  4. julio cefis

    23. Jan, 2008

    congratulations from Brazil!
    Amazing blog.

  5. yong seng

    14. Aug, 2011

    i’m seng 21year old I very interest kitchen can i buy your book ??my email is y.seng@hotmail.com,i from malaysia +60163284633 pls

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